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Darwin Revisited: more coffee finds

The coffee scene in Darwin continues to impress. My most recent visit took me to two quite different venues with each delivering consistently good coffees. Roma Bar in Kavenagh Street, in Darwin’s CBD, has been there for years, but by staying in a different location and looking for somewhere that was open over Christmas, I discovered it for good coffee. Using 7 Miles coffee out of New South Wales, I was impressed with its quality, which the female barista knew how to brew consistently in the three coffees I bought from here. @romabardarwin

The second venue is a pop up van called Jay’s Coffee at the Nightcliff Jetty, soaking up the fabulous views over Beagle Gulf. Jay’s van is there every weekend and on public holidays, and there are queues for his consistently good coffee. Tables and chairs are provided so that you can make the most of this calm, peaceful place. Definitely worth a stop and some time out for views like those below. FB: Jay’s Coffee Bar

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Life’s a beach….De La Plage Cafe, Casaurina Beach

This amazing cafe on the beach’s edge in Darwin, NT, was a fabulous find! Laid back, casual seating (including hammocks hooked up between trees) lets you take your dogs off leash and then be able to romp around on the sandy beach that goes for miles. The food and coffee is delicious and you can tell that the locals love it too. The food is fresh, healthy and wholesome with some amazing ingredients, such as activated charcoal buns for their burgers! Thumbs up from the two males who ordered these beef burgers. I had a delicious roasted vegetable salad which came with a mound of smashed avocado: yum, yum! Coffee got the thumbs up, as to the iced tea (unsweetened) and the fruit frappe – apple, berries and lots of crushed ice. Definitely worth a visit, and many return ones at that! BTW: they run some interesting community events on Friday nights and over the weekend. Check it out when next in Darwin!

Another BTW: my other blog, Northern Comfort gives my perspective about the relaxed and welcoming lifestyle that looks like it can be found in a city like Darwin. 🙂

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Vancouver Street Cafe – Albany, Western Australia – a real treat!

Recently we took a holiday to Western Australia (in Australia)- we live in Victoria, so flew ‘over to the West’ to explore parts we had not yet seen. Our trip took us to Perth, the capital city, then up to the monastery town of New Norsia, then south to the Margaret River region (known for its wineries and beaches), then the quaint village town of Albany (known for its amazing coastline fronting both the Indian and Southern Ocean), then back to Perth before heading home. During this time we drank fabulous coffee, ate delicious food and drank some great local wines. As this is a coffee blog, I do, however, want to showcase one cafe in particular which we found in Albany. Vancouver Street Cafe was obviously located in Vancouver Street – a village-like part of Albany, away from the hustle and bustle of the main shops. The cafe used this location to its advantage which we observed as no shortage of customers!

img_0018So pleased were we with the quality of the coffee and food, that in the short time we were in Albany, we ate our two breakfasts and one lunch here, accompanied by our coffee. Importantly, the coffee was very good! Three different baristas and all brewing high quality coffee – soy latte for me and cappuccino for John. img_0016

We were so pleased with our first breakfast, that we ordered it again on the second morning. Natural muesli served with natural yoghurt and either berry compote or fresh mango. The muesli consisted of fresh, rolled oats – flavoursome. The natural yoghurt was just that: natural, with no hint of additional sweetness. The choice of fruit and yoghurt were swirled through the muesli to give a ‘come and eat me’ feel. Delicious!img_0017

We were lucky to secure a table for our only lunch here, and when my smoked chicken and mango salad arrived, I could see why: fresh, wholesome ingredients were at the core of their food preparation. Spinach, chicken, fresh mango, red capsicum, black sesame seeds, avocado and a touch of lime dressing made this a filling meal, img_0015

The staff were welcoming and friendly, too. Overall, this cafe was a real treat! I must admit that I forgot to ask what coffee blend they were using. I was enjoying it so much that is slipped my mind.

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Darwin revisited: Cafe Culture a plenty!

There are three other cafes I would like to give a plug to as they promote, support and enhance Darwin’s excellent coffee and cafe culture. They all provide a fine example of #territorytaste. So here they are in alphabetical order so that I can remain neutral!

Cafe Eco, Darwin CBD: Coffee is always consistent here. Apart from the coffee, they also make delicious, healthy juices and smoothies, and the focus here is on fresh, healthy, wholesome food. The ‘Refresh & Revitalise’ juice is a favourite: watermelon, lemon and apple juice along with their Açai Smoothie bowls. This place is very popular with the local office workers, especially before work when a steady stream of people secure a much needed shot of caffeine or smoothie to go. I do enjoy supporting Cafe Eco when I am in Darwin, and the owners remember you, no matter how long it is in between visits. This cafe is fairly central in the CBD, so it’s easy to walk to from wherever you’re staying. @cafe_eco_darwin

Karma Cafe and Fitness, Parap: The food, smoothies, juices and coffee are fabulous here! This is one of Darwin’s best kept cafe secrets as you won’t find it on a main road or the CBD, but in a quiet part of the Seabreeze apartment blocks in Parap. It does, however, have a solid following of loyal customers who keep coming back. Its quiet setting is appealing. I always start with a soy latte and the barista never fails to please; the brew is always extracted to produce a delightful coffee using Manfredi coffee beans. The smoothie bowls – of which there are many – are a highlight; they are a feature of their Instagram posts. My favourite is the Acai Lover’s Bowl; acai, banana and coconut water as the staple ingredients and John’s favourite is the Bali Bowl: banana, mango, coconut flesh, coconut water and milk. Delicious smoothies and juices, too. In the heat of Darwin, a freshly squeezed cold juice always goes down well! Karma Cafe also focuses on fresh, healthy, protein-fuelled eats, with the cafe heavily supported by the Darwin fitness community. The owner, Mindy, also runs a highly successful food prep service where you can order portion and nutrient controlled meals. This sees the cafe closed on a Monday so that the orders can be prepared. Again, the staff remember us and it’s lovely to be welcomed back on our return trips. @karmacafemindy

Laneway, Parap Village: Parap Village comes to life every Saturday morning with the Parap Village Markets; however, outside of this, this suburb exudes a peaceful charm which I love. Keeping the cafe culture bar raised high is Laneway, another ‘must visit place’ when in Darwin. The coffee, food and vibe here is fabulous; it reminds me of some of the cafe culture in Melbourne but with a definite Darwin feel. Again, coffee is superb using the Campos brand, and a visit here always starts with a soy latte. Again, their brews are spot-on. There is always a ‘juice of the day’ and I usually have one of these too. My last one was a cold Watermelon, Mint and Orange blend: lots of ice is used in the Territory as it is hot all year round! Food is also a stand-out here; the all-day breakfast menu along with territory-inspired lunches never disappoint. A hip vibe is there to please as well. @lanewaycoffee

My take on all of this: Creature comforts abound in Darwin when it comes to coffee and food. So much attention is given to serving up top quality food in a friendly, laid-back style. If you ever get the chance to visit Darwin and the Territory, you will not be disappointed! Here’s to the next coffee, juice and food delight when next there!

Coffee at KarmaAcai Lover’s Bowl: delicious!Karma Cafe and Fitness - worth a visit!Juice of the Day: Laneway, Parap VillageLunch at Laneway: always deliciousRefresh and Revitalise: Cafe EcoAcai Bowl, Cafe Eco


Coffee and Mystery Blogger nomination

A blogger that I follow, The Campervan Man, had updated his blog with an intriguing post called ‘Mystery Blogger Award’. Out of curiosity, I kept reading…..and there it was! I was being nominated for a mystery blogger award for this coffee blog! I had to re-read it to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. To be honest, I had not written in this blog for quite some time, so I was surprised to see that there were people reading what I had written in the past. I was feeling absolutely flattered! I also have only recently re-entered the world of blogging by starting a new blog, called Northern Comfort which reflects on my experiences of frequent trips to Darwin in Northern Australia, and what a ‘relaxed’ approach to life style can do for you. So to The Campervan Man, thank you very much! Take a moment to check out his blog too: full of adventures in his trusty 1979 VW campervan and other sorts of travel adventures, too.The mystery blogger award was created by Okoto Enigma to discover and recognise inspiring and inventive blogs which will not only captivate but also motivate. It aims to provide exposure and recognition to all your favourite bloggers.(
The rules are as follows;

1.Feature the award logo/image on your post 2. ‌List the rules 3. Thank the blogger that nominated you‌ 4. Tell the readers 3 things about yourself 5. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. 6. Answer the questions provided. 7. ‌Nominate bloggers and notify them by commenting on their blog 8. Ask the nominees questions of your choice with one weird / funny question (specify)‌ 9. Share and link to your best post(s)

Let’s begin….
3 Things about myself

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have done so all my life. 

I am passionate about animal welfare, in particular, dogs who are surrendoured to local animal welfare groups, and support as many local ones as I can, here in Victoria. I obviously have a dog and his name is Max. 

I love the sun and sunny days! It’s vital to my wellbeing. Where I travel to will be impacted upon by whether or not I think that I will get a good dose of sunshine!

Now to the questions the Campervan Man posed: 
1. Mountains or beaches? Beaches as I think of sun, summer and sunny days!

I2. What is your favourite word? Fabulous – I love the way it rolls off the tongue. 

3. Where is your favourite place in the world and why? Too hard to answer; feel like I need to travel a bit more!! 

4. If you could invite two people in the world to dinner, who would you invite? Michelle Obama and our own Australian, Mary McDonald who married the Denmark Crown Prince – Freddie as we like to call him. 

5. Would you rather fight 100 hamster sized lions or 1 lion sized hamster? Hamsters are cute so I’ll go for the 1 lion sized hamster.

Nominations – since my recent return to blogging, I have discovered the following which I would like to nominate:   TIny Houses

This blog is about Everything tiny house related. Karissa writes this blog and it was created in an effort to educate and spread the word about tiny houses and the tiny house movement.  I find it fascinating!  LIttle Miss Traveller. Little Miss Traveller’s descriptions are detailed but concise. Her photos are splendid and fit in really well with her writing.  Darly Darly
loves fashion, make up, travelling, DIY, decoration, cooking…

As DarlyDarly says: In this blog I would like to share all the things I love and inspire me. I really enjoy how she puts together outfits and explains the look.   A beautiful distance writes about beauty, fitness and travel on her blog! 

My questions to my nominees:
Where were you born and where are you now?
What cause or issue are you passionate about and why?

If your boss said you could have next week off work – no questions asked – where would you go and why? 

As a result of this nomination, I have re-opened ‘My Coffee Addiction’ blog and have begun adding to it again; thanks to MyCamperVan Man. He has inspired me!

Please also check out my Northern Comfort blog – if you’ve never travelled to the Northern Territory, Australia or never heard of Darwin (it is very popular with European backpackers), please check it out. I am trying to adopt a thematic approach, but we will see what transpires! My perspective is from a lifestyle point of view.

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Northern Comfort and Coffee

My frequent trips to Darwin for my own little piece of ‘Northern Comfort’ has prompted me to resurrect this blog to let you know about the fabulous coffee you can get in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, a small capital city but with a Cafe culture that is alive and well. One of the best baristas in Darwin is Jag who works at Cafe del Art, Top End of Mitchell Street, in the business / parliamentary precinct. Every trip to Darwin has a compulsory coffee with Jag! Jag knows his coffee and the local office workers queue daily to secure a brew. All of Jag’s coffees are brewed to perfection! He also makes us feel like we are locals; always time for a chat and a catch up since our previous trip. The cafe also does great food; recent instagram photos of their salads is proof of that. If ever you are in Darwin, you must get a coffee here! If you’ve never been to Darwin, here’s an aerial view of this small CBD as well, along with a compulsory Darwin sunset!


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Back to reality…

Long Service Leave has now ended; I am back at work as of Monday 16 July. To console myself, I took myself to the work canteen where Julie was ready to greet me with a big ‘welcome back’ and my usual coffee: a skinny milk cappuccino. I’ve had such a good time enjoying and writing about all the other coffees I’ve drunk that I had forgotten how much coffee cost at Tuckies. At least that was a nice welcome back surprise, and the coffee was good – to get me going at a much earlier time to that than I have been accustomed to over the last few months! Although I had intended that this blog be about my coffee addiction during long service leave, I will look to include the odd post when I am out and about at some new places. Tuckies will now supply me with my Monday to Friday morning addiction, but it’s great to get the welcome and conversation with Julie and Helen, when my colleagues and I head down for our daily fix of caffeine.

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Yes… It’s Wayne’s Coffee, Stockholm, Sweden

Wayne’s Coffee is a franchise here in Stockholm, and is popular with the locals. We visited twice during our stay, and am happy to say that both the coffee, chai latte and food were good.



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Better late than never; coffee in Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is known for its hip coffee culture. My first two coffees here certainly did live up to this! The first at Kaffitar and the second with lunch at Glueatin. Was able to order with low fat milk as well , which is something you don’t get in Italy and France. Cappuccinos were amongst some of the better ones I’ve tasted, even those in Melbourne. Wireless access here is great as well. It seems to be standard in cafes and our accommodation has provided it upfront, with no need to even ask about it.




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An Australian coffee in Paris

What a welcome sight Kooka Burra cafe was, having walked in the cold and rain to find it, not to far from our accommodation. This cafe was written about, along with others, in an article featured in The Age Epicure section promoting cafes in Paris that are run or owned by Australians. The cappuccino was heartily drunk given that I was freezing in a supposed Parisien summer! John heartily tucked into a slice of berry and pistachio cake. This cafe was full of young types, manly English speaking people, with their laptops and other devices making full use of the free wifi.



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