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Coffee and Mystery Blogger nomination

on November 7, 2017

A blogger that I follow, The Campervan Man, had updated his blog with an intriguing post called ‘Mystery Blogger Award’. Out of curiosity, I kept reading…..and there it was! I was being nominated for a mystery blogger award for this coffee blog! I had to re-read it to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. To be honest, I had not written in this blog for quite some time, so I was surprised to see that there were people reading what I had written in the past. I was feeling absolutely flattered! I also have only recently re-entered the world of blogging by starting a new blog, called Northern Comfort which reflects on my experiences of frequent trips to Darwin in Northern Australia, and what a ‘relaxed’ approach to life style can do for you. So to The Campervan Man, thank you very much! Take a moment to check out his blog too: full of adventures in his trusty 1979 VW campervan and other sorts of travel adventures, too.The mystery blogger award was created by Okoto Enigma to discover and recognise inspiring and inventive blogs which will not only captivate but also motivate. It aims to provide exposure and recognition to all your favourite bloggers.(
The rules are as follows;

1.Feature the award logo/image on your post 2. ‌List the rules 3. Thank the blogger that nominated you‌ 4. Tell the readers 3 things about yourself 5. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. 6. Answer the questions provided. 7. ‌Nominate bloggers and notify them by commenting on their blog 8. Ask the nominees questions of your choice with one weird / funny question (specify)‌ 9. Share and link to your best post(s)

Let’s begin….
3 Things about myself

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have done so all my life. 

I am passionate about animal welfare, in particular, dogs who are surrendoured to local animal welfare groups, and support as many local ones as I can, here in Victoria. I obviously have a dog and his name is Max. 

I love the sun and sunny days! It’s vital to my wellbeing. Where I travel to will be impacted upon by whether or not I think that I will get a good dose of sunshine!

Now to the questions the Campervan Man posed: 
1. Mountains or beaches? Beaches as I think of sun, summer and sunny days!

I2. What is your favourite word? Fabulous – I love the way it rolls off the tongue. 

3. Where is your favourite place in the world and why? Too hard to answer; feel like I need to travel a bit more!! 

4. If you could invite two people in the world to dinner, who would you invite? Michelle Obama and our own Australian, Mary McDonald who married the Denmark Crown Prince – Freddie as we like to call him. 

5. Would you rather fight 100 hamster sized lions or 1 lion sized hamster? Hamsters are cute so I’ll go for the 1 lion sized hamster.

Nominations – since my recent return to blogging, I have discovered the following which I would like to nominate:   TIny Houses

This blog is about Everything tiny house related. Karissa writes this blog and it was created in an effort to educate and spread the word about tiny houses and the tiny house movement.  I find it fascinating!  LIttle Miss Traveller. Little Miss Traveller’s descriptions are detailed but concise. Her photos are splendid and fit in really well with her writing.  Darly Darly
loves fashion, make up, travelling, DIY, decoration, cooking…

As DarlyDarly says: In this blog I would like to share all the things I love and inspire me. I really enjoy how she puts together outfits and explains the look.   A beautiful distance writes about beauty, fitness and travel on her blog! 

My questions to my nominees:
Where were you born and where are you now?
What cause or issue are you passionate about and why?

If your boss said you could have next week off work – no questions asked – where would you go and why? 

As a result of this nomination, I have re-opened ‘My Coffee Addiction’ blog and have begun adding to it again; thanks to MyCamperVan Man. He has inspired me!

Please also check out my Northern Comfort blog – if you’ve never travelled to the Northern Territory, Australia or never heard of Darwin (it is very popular with European backpackers), please check it out. I am trying to adopt a thematic approach, but we will see what transpires! My perspective is from a lifestyle point of view.

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  1. darlydarly says:

    Thank you for the nice words love 😊😊😊

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